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SCMG's consulting service provides a wide array of ongoing and project-based compliance support services for SEC-registered and unregistered

investment/portfolio managers.  These services range from compliance infrastructure review to more proactive monitoring and maintenance of a manager’s compliance program.


  • Developed for both SEC-registered and unregistered managers, SCMG program streamlines the compliance management and regulatory reporting requirements applicable to your operations and generates a custom compliance infrastructure for your firm.
  • Whether you are a large, multi-billion dollar institution or an emerging start-up hedge fund, SCMG can help you fulfill your compliance requirements and enhance operational efficiency.
  • SCMG platform and expert consulting services are designed to help hedge fund managers build and maintain a prudent and effective compliance infrastructure.
  • SCMG's consulting group provides both SEC-registered and unregistered hedge fund and fund of fund managers with various levels of custom compliance and regulatory support services.
  • Consulting services are based on the size and complexity of the business and the scope of the engagement.
  • SCMG is headquartered in Syosset, NY




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